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Warships Throughout Time

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
United States USS Astoria (CA-34) CA-34 New Orleans Cruiser 158784
United States USS Augusta (CA-31) CA-31 Northampton Cruiser 167056
United States USS Baltimore (CA-68) CA-68 Baltimore Cruiser 157140
United States USS Boston (CA-69) CA-69 Baltimore Cruiser 158788
United States USS Chester (CA-27) CA-27 Northampton Cruiser 167053
United States USS Chicago (CA-29) CA-29 Northampton Cruiser 167055
United States USS Des Moines (CA-134) CA-134 Des Moines Cruiser 158782
United States USS Houston (CA-30) CA-30 Northampton Cruiser 157157
United States USS Indianapolis (CA-35) CA-35 Portland Cruiser 157159
United States USS Louisville (CA-28) CA-28 Northampton Cruiser 167054
United States USS Minneapolis (CA-36) CA-36 New Orleans Cruiser 158785
United States USS New Orleans (CA-32) CA-32 New Orleans Cruiser 157181
United States USS Northampton (CA-26) CA-26 Northampton Cruiser 157183
United States USS Portland (CA-33) CA-33 Portland Cruiser 158780
United States USS Quincy (CA-39) CA-39 New Orleans Cruiser 158783
United States USS San Francisco (CA-38) CA-38 New Orleans Cruiser 157193
United States USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) CA-37 New Orleans Cruiser 158786
United States USS Vincennes (CA-44) CA-44 New Orleans Cruiser 158787
United States USS Wichita (CA-45) CA-45 Wichita Cruiser 158781
Germany Admiral Hipper Admiral Hipper Cruiser 156831
Germany Seydlitz Admiral Hipper Cruiser 159944
Japan Aoba Aoba Cruiser 156842
Japan Ashigara Myōkō Cruiser 163219
Japan Atago Takao Cruiser 156847
Japan Chikuma Tone Cruiser 156864
Japan Chōkai Takao Cruiser 164879
Japan Furutaka Furutaka Cruiser 156887
Japan Haguro Myōkō Cruiser 156898
Japan Kako Furutaka Cruiser 168371
Japan Kinugasa Aoba Cruiser 157024
Japan Kumano Mogami Cruiser 157033
Japan Maya Takao Cruiser 157047
Japan Mikuma Mogami Cruiser 156828
Japan Mogami Mogami Cruiser 157049
Japan Myōkō Myōkō Cruiser 157058
Japan Takao Takao Cruiser 164878
Japan Tone Tone Cruiser 157119
United Kingdom HMS Devonshire 39 County Cruiser 185032
United Kingdom HMS Exeter York Cruiser 156942
United Kingdom HMS Hawkins D86 Hawkins Cruiser 156947
United Kingdom HMS London C69 County Cruiser 185033
United Kingdom HMS Norfolk 78 County Cruiser 163180
United Kingdom HMS Raleigh Hawkins Cruiser 185040
United Kingdom HMS York 90 York Cruiser 156988
Italy Bolzano Bolzano Cruiser 156855
Italy Trento Trento Cruiser 159596
Italy Trieste Trento Cruiser 159597
Soviet Union Kaganovich Kirov Cruiser 169217
Soviet Union Maxim Gorky Kirov Cruiser 169216
Soviet Union Petropavlovsk Admiral Hipper Cruiser 157075
Soviet Union Voroshilov Kirov Cruiser 169215
Total items in selection (/database): 51 (/1485) - Showing: 1 - 51 - Pages:
Items 1 - 51