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The Fantasy Trip

A Role-Playing Game by Steve Jackson, published by Metagaming

Illustration from Rulebook
The Fantasy Trip (TFT) is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) designed by Steve Jackson and published by Metagaming between 1977 and 1983. The first rulebook, "Melee" was released in "Microgame" format in 1977 and governed basic combat rules. It was followed in 1988 by "Wizard" which added a system for deleoping spellcaster characters who are able to cast magic spells.

A series of rulebooks and Microquests enhanced the basic system and gave the player a chance to purchase prepared adventures rather than rely upon the Gamemaster to do everything. Eventually, advanced versions of Melee and Wizard were released along with a book dedicated to the Gamemaster entitled "In the Labyrinth".

The game system was designed to be simpler to learn than it's iconic predecessor, "Dungeons & Dragons" as well as faster to play, more intuitive and less random. Furthermore, the publishing format was dramatically less expensive to produce and hence more affordable to the gamer.

Many of the adventures allowed for solitaire play. This further differentiated TFT from other games of the era in that no Gamemaster was required for these adventures.

Metagaming also published two magazines that featured TFT material. The development of the component MicroGames and some early articles are covered in The Space Gamer. After The Space Gamer was sold to Steve Jackson, Metagaming debuted a second house organ called Interplay, which produced material related to all Metagaming products but focused primarily on TFT.

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ImageURL Name Type Product Code Year Format MSRP Publisher ID
The Fantasy Masters' Codex Accessory 2301 1981 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25862
The Fantasy Trip Companion Accessory 3458 2019 Saddle-Stapled $19.95 Steve Jackson Games 160425
Four Perilous Journeys Adventure 2019 Saddle-Stapled $50.00 Gaming Ballistic 160098
The Forest-Lords of Dihad Adventure 2201 1982 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25888
Tollenkar's Lair Adventure 2201 1980 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25891
The Warrior-Lords of Darok Adventure 2202 1982 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25889
Crown of Kings Adventure COK 2006 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160117
The Dark Vale Adventure DV 2007 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160112
Echoes of the Old Ones Adventure EOO 2018 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160102
Ebon Rebirth Adventure ER 2014 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160105
Emerald Twilight Adventure ET 2012 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160107
Fire in the Streets Adventure FITS 2008 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160111
Gates to the Underworld Adventure GTU 2006 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160114
Island of Lost Spells Adventure ILS 2018 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160116
The Oracle's Breath Adventure OB 2010 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160109
Punisher's Keep Adventure PK 2017 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160103
Raid on Cygnosa Adventure ROC 2009 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160110
Shadows in the Dark Adventure SID 2012 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160106
Sewers of Redpoint Adventure SOR 2006 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160115
The Thing in the Lake Adventure TTITL 2011 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160108
Upon The Wind Adventure UTW 2015 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160104
Wolves on the Rhine Adventure WOR 2007 Saddle-Stapled $12.95 Dark City Games 160113
Decks of Destiny Rules 2020 Saddle-Stapled $60.00 Warehouse 23 160100
Fantasy Trip Adventures Rules 2019 Saddle-Stapled $30.00 Warehouse 23 160101
In The Labyrinth Rules 2102 1980 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25861
Advanced Melee Rules 2103 1980 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25860
Advanced Wizard Rules 2104 1980 Saddle-Stapled Metagaming 25859