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Strategy & Tactics Magazine

A Wargaming Magazine published by Decision Games

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Game Tags:
ImageURL Edition Issue Title Publisher PubDate Game Name MSRP Price ID
Game 58 Conquistador Strategic Publications Inc. 1976-10-01 Conquistador E:$9.99 H:$12.23 I:$25.00 26127
Game 63 Veracruz 1847 Strategic Publications Inc. 1977-08-01 Veracruz 1847 E:$14.95 H:$12.24 I:$11.00 26133
Game 66 The Siege of Constantinople Strategic Publications Inc. 1978-02-01 Siege of Constantinople E:$15.00 H:$16.75 I:$15.59 26136
Game 70 The Crusades Strategic Publications Inc. 1978-10-01 The Crusades E:$9.95 H:$21.44 I:$20.17 26140
Game 87 The Desert Fox Strategic Publications Inc. 1981-08-01 The Desert Fox E:$4.95 H:$16.45 I:$16.82 26157
Game 104 13: The Colonies in Revolt TSR 1985-12-01 13: The Colonies in Revolt E:$15.00 H:$12.22 I:$11.55 26191
110 Hastings, 1066 TSR 1987-02-01 Hastings, 1066 E:$4.99 H:$11.92 I:$11.62 26197
Game 116 Manchu 3W 1988-01-01 Manchu E:$9.00 H:$10.70 I:$11.50 26203
Game 119 The Horse Soldiers 3W 1988-06-01 The Horse Soldiers E:$11.00 H:$14.54 I:$15.21 26206
Game 133 Baton Rouge 3W 1990-04-01 Baton Rouge E:$9.99 H:$10.60 I:$7.37 26228
Game 135 Sideshow 3W 1990-07-01 Sideshow E:$14.99 H:$13.33 I:$13.54 26230
Game 143 Rio Grande Decision Games 1991-06-01 Rio Grande E:$10.00 H:$8.20 I:$7.91 26244
Game 212 Rough & Ready Decision Games 2002-09-01 Rough and Ready E:$14.00 H:$13.76 I:$14.39 26324
256 RAF: The Battle of Britain, 1940 Decision Games 2009-06-01 Marlborough's Battles $24.99 H:$15.69 I:$15.00 26467
Game 300 The Rommel Factor Decision Games 2016-10-01 Desert Fox Deluxe $34.99 H:$25.29 I:$28.08 104751