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Strategy & Tactics Magazine

A Wargaming Magazine published by Decision Games

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ImageURL Edition Issue Title Publisher PubDate Game Name MSRP Price ID
Game 112 Patton Goes to War 3W 1987-06-01 Patton Goes to War E:$9.00 H:$14.58 I:$10.54 26199
Game 113 The Battle of Abensberg 3W 1987-08-01 The Battle of Abensberg E:$10.00 H:$10.31 I:$9.96 26200
Game 114 The Battle of Eckmuhl 3W 1987-10-01 The Battle of Eckmuhl E:$15.00 H:$8.86 I:$8.43 26201
Game 115 Kanev 3W 1987-11-01 Kanev E:$8.00 H:$11.08 I:$10.72 26202
Game 116 Manchu 3W 1988-01-01 Manchu E:$9.00 H:$10.70 I:$11.50 26203
Game 117 North German Plain 3W 1988-02-01 North German Plain E:$19.99 H:$21.40 I:$22.46 26204
Game 118 The Tigers Are Burning 3W 1988-04-01 The Tigers Are Burning E:$14.00 H:$9.60 I:$10.31 26205
Game 119 The Horse Soldiers 3W 1988-06-01 The Horse Soldiers E:$11.00 H:$14.54 I:$15.21 26206
Game 120 Nicaragua! 3W 1988-08-01 Nicaragua! E:$4.99 H:$11.99 I:$10.49 26207
Game 121 The Indian Mutiny 3W 1988-10-01 The Indian Mutiny E:$8.00 H:$8.84 I:$8.92 26216
Game 122 Pegasus Bridge 3W 1988-11-01 Pegasus Bridge E:$9.99 H:$19.84 I:$20.56 26217
Game 123 Campaigns in the Valley 3W 1988-12-01 Campaigns in the Valley E:$12.00 H:$8.87 I:$9.21 26218
Game 124 Fortress Stalingrad 3W 1988-12-01 Fortress Stalingrad E:$20.00 H:$10.82 I:$11.28 26219
Game 125 Far Seas 3W 1989-03-01 Far Seas E:$22.00 H:$19.09 I:$16.07 26220
Game 126 Beirut '82 3W 1989-05-01 Beirut '82 E:$8.50 H:$11.29 I:$11.99 26221
Game 127 Rush for Glory 3W 1989-07-01 Rush for Glory E:$4.99 H:$11.62 I:$10.72 26222
Game 128 Africa Orientale 3W 1989-08-01 Africa Orientale E:$10.00 H:$10.51 I:$10.89 26223
Game 129 Harvest of Death 3W 1989-10-01 Harvest of Death E:$13.00 H:$12.48 I:$13.92 26224
Game 130 Tsushima 3W 1989-11-01 Tsushima E:$12.00 H:$12.36 I:$12.96 26225
Game 131 Donau Front 3W 1989-12-01 Donau Front E:$20.00 H:$21.69 I:$22.36 26226
Game 132 Iron Cross 3W 1990-02-01 Iron Cross E:$10.00 H:$8.50 I:$8.47 26227
Game 133 Baton Rouge 3W 1990-04-01 Baton Rouge E:$9.99 H:$10.60 I:$7.37 26228
Game 134 Anzio Beachhead 3W 1990-06-01 Anzio Beachhead E:$4.99 H:$12.86 26229
Game 135 Sideshow 3W 1990-07-01 Sideshow E:$4.99 H:$13.33 I:$13.54 26230
Game 136 Doomed Victory 3W 1990-08-01 Doomed Victory E:$11.00 H:$12.12 I:$10.01 26231
Game 137 Men at Arms 3W 1990-09-01 Men at Arms E:$10.00 H:$9.06 I:$9.69 26232
Game 138 Napoleon at Eylau 3W 1990-10-01 Napoleon at Eylau H:$10.44 I:$10.33 26233
Game 139 Arabian Nightmare 3W 1990-12-01 Arabian Nightmare E:$10.00 H:$8.27 I:$8.95 26234