Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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Total Records: 221
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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
Opel Germany Automobiles 227006
Erfurter Bahn Germany Railroad 226063
PrivatBahn Germany Railroad 224323
Kleiner Feigling Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 223080
Carl Balke GmbH Germany Trucking 223078
Train Rental Inc. Germany Railroad 222517
Saar Rail Germany Railroad 222443
Voith Germany Conglomerate 222424
Kaldewei Germany Consumer Products 222328
Libella Germany Food Products 222321
Darmol Germany Pharmaceuticals 222302
Bauknecht Germany Machinery 222300
Tesa Germany Consumer Products 222298
Palmin Germany Food Products 222289
Association of German Grain Distillers Germany Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries 222272
Zentis Germany Food Products 222233
Melitta Germany Food Products 222231
Lambertz Germany Food Products 222217
Milwa Germany Consumer Products 222213
Ritter Sport Germany Food Products 222211
Milkana Germany Food Products 222210
Brawa Germany Consumer Products 222208
Deutz AG Germany Machinery 222193
Union-Transport Germany Trucking 221850
Kesselwagen Vermietgesellschaft (KVG) Germany Railroad 221496
Total Records: 221
Rows per page: