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Image Primary Country Name Type Period Number Completed First Commisioned ID
United StatesCaldwellDestroyerWorld War I61917158340
United StatesChesterCruiserWorld War I31908158208
United StatesCincinnatiCruiserWorld War I21894170899
United StatesColumbiaCruiserWorld War I21894170896
United StatesDenverCruiserWorld War I61903170895
United StatesMississippiBattleshipWorld War I21908156593
United StatesMontgomeryCruiserWorld War I31893170898
United StatesNevadaBattleshipWorld War I2156601
United StatesNew YorkBattleshipWorld War I20157272
United StatesOlympiaCruiserWorld War I11895170900
United StatesSampsonDestroyerWorld War I61916158341
United StatesWickesDestroyerWorld War I1111918156696
United StatesWyomingBattleshipWorld War I20163127
GermanyDerfflingerBattleshipWorld War I31914159533
GermanyDeutschland WW1BattleshipWorld War I5156509
GermanyMoltkeBattleshipWorld War I20159528
GermanyNassauBattleshipWorld War I40157273
GermanySeydlitzBattleshipWorld War I11913159532
GermanyVon der TannBattleshipWorld War I11910159534
FranceBretagneBattleshipWorld War I31916156483
FranceCharlemagneBattleshipWorld War I31902171508
FranceCourbetBattleshipWorld War I41913156503
FranceDantonBattleshipWorld War I61911171499
FranceIénaBattleshipWorld War I11902171507
FranceLibertéBattleshipWorld War I41908171500
FranceRépubliqueBattleshipWorld War I21907171502
FranceSuffren (BB)BattleshipWorld War I11904171506
SpainC Class (Spanish Submarine)SubmarineWorld War I61928159834
JapanAsahiBattleshipWorld War I11900171433
JapanChikumaCruiserWorld War I31912158221
JapanFusōBattleshipWorld War I21915156531
JapanIbukiCruiserWorld War I21909160903
JapanIseBattleshipWorld War I21917156558
JapanKatoriBattleshipWorld War I21906171431
JapanKawachiBattleshipWorld War I21912171429
JapanKongōBattleshipWorld War I41913156572
JapanMikasaBattleshipWorld War I11902171432
JapanSatsumaBattleshipWorld War I21909171430
JapanTsukubaCruiserWorld War I21909160904
United KingdomAdmiralBattleshipWorld War I1156549
United KingdomC Class (UK Submarine)SubmarineWorld War I381906159832
United KingdomRenownBattleshipWorld War I21916156622
United KingdomRevengeBattleshipWorld War I51916156623
United KingdomV and W ClassDestroyerWorld War I671917159246
ItalyAndrea DoriaBattleshipWorld War I21915156463
ItalyConte di CavourBattleshipWorld War I31914162849
ItalyPisaCruiserWorld War I31908157232
Soviet UnionDerzkyDestroyerWorld War I91913169209
Soviet UnionNovikDestroyerWorld War I11913169210
Soviet UnionOrfeyDestroyerWorld War I161914164392
ChinaChao HoCruiserWorld War I31913170683
BrazilMinas GeraesBattleshipWorld War I21910165264
Total items in selection (/database): 52 (/378) - Showing: 1 - 52 - Pages:
Items 1 - 52