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Warship Classes

Warships Throughout Time

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Image Primary Country Name Type Period Number Completed First Commisioned ID
United StatesAlaskaWorld War II21944156458
United StatesAllen M. SumnerWorld War II581945156460
United StatesArleigh BurkeCold War661991158789
United StatesAtlantaWorld War II81941156469
United StatesBagleyWorld War II8156472
United StatesBalaoWorld War II1201943156473
United StatesBaltimoreWorld War II141943156474
United StatesBenhamWorld War II101939156478
United StatesBensonWorld War II301940156479
United StatesBogueWorld War II451942163102
United StatesBrooklynWorld War II71938156484
United StatesBuckleyWorld War II1481943168846
United StatesCaldwellWorld War I61917158340
United StatesCasablancaWorld War II501943165937
United StatesCharles F. AdansCold War291960158792
United StatesChesterWorld War I31908158208
United StatesCimarronWorld War II01939160965
United StatesCincinnatiWorld War I21894170899
United StatesClemsonWorld War II1561919156494
United StatesClevelandWorld War II271942156495
United StatesColoradoWorld War II3156496
United StatesColumbiaWorld War I21894170896
United StatesCommencement BayWorld War II191944165938
United StatesDenverWorld War I61903170895
United StatesDes MoinesCold War31948158215
United StatesEnterpriseCold War11961165941
United StatesEssexWorld War II241942156522
United StatesFarragut (1934)World War II81934156525
United StatesFarragut (1958)Cold War101959158793
United StatesFletcherWorld War II1751942156529
United StatesForrestalCold War41955165939
United StatesGatoWorld War II771943156537
United StatesGearingWorld War II980157686
United StatesGerald R. FordModern12017165943
United StatesGleavesWorld War II661940157588
United StatesGridleyWorld War II41937157550
United StatesHiggins PTWorld War II0156545
United StatesIndependenceWorld War II9156556
United StatesIndependence (LCS)Modern152010217520
United StatesIowaWorld War II4156557
United StatesJohn C. ButlerWorld War II831944165378
United StatesJohn C. ButlerWorld War II83156694
United StatesKiddCold War41981158790
United StatesKitty HawkCold War31961165940
United StatesLanding Ship, TankWorld War II00163147
United StatesLangleyWorld War II11913156580
United StatesLexingtonWorld War II21927156586
United StatesLibertyWorld War II2,7100160460
No ImageUnited StatesLSTWorld War II0156589
United StatesMackerelWorld War II21941159701
United StatesMahanWorld War II181936157532
United StatesMidwayWorld War II31945156592
United StatesMississippiWorld War I21908156593
United StatesMontanaWorld War II0156595
United StatesMontgomeryWorld War I31893170898
No ImageUnited StatesNarwhalWorld War II0156599
United StatesNevadaWorld War I2156601
United StatesNew MexicoWorld War II3156602
United StatesNew OrleansWorld War II71934156603
United StatesNew YorkWorld War I20157272
United StatesNimitzCold War101975165942
United StatesNorth CarolinaWorld War II2156604
United StatesNorthamptonWorld War II61930156605
United StatesOlympiaWorld War I11895170900
United StatesOmahaWorld War II101923156606
United StatesOregon CityCold War41946158213
United StatesPennsylvaniaWorld War II0156610
United StatesPensacolaWorld War II21929167057
United StatesPensacolaWorld War II21929158216
United StatesPorterWorld War II81936156614
United StatesPortlandWorld War II21932156615
United StatesRangerWorld War II00161193
United StatesS Electric BoatWorld War II51156631
United StatesSaipanCold War21946158779
United StatesSalmonWorld War II61937158471
United StatesSampsonWorld War I61916158341
United StatesSangamonWorld War II41942217168
United StatesSargoWorld War II101939158460
United StatesSimsWorld War II12156643
United StatesSomersWorld War II50157555
United StatesSouth DakotaWorld War II4156646
United StatesSpruanceCold War311975158791
United StatesSt. LouisWorld War II21942158023
United StatesSt. Louis (WW I)World War II31905170893
United StatesTamborWorld War II121940156665
United StatesTennesseeWorld War II2156667
United StatesTreasuryWorld War II71936168189
United StatesVestalWorld War II0156691
United StatesVictoryWorld War II5310160459
United StatesWaspWorld War II0156693
United StatesWichitaWorld War II11939158214
United StatesWickesWorld War I1111918156696
United StatesWyomingWorld War I20163127
United StatesYorktownWorld War II31937156698
Total items in selection (/database): 94 (/378) - Showing: 1 - 94 - Pages:
Items 1 - 94