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Warship Classes

Warships Throughout Time

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Image Primary Country Name Type Period Number Completed First Commisioned ID
JapanA-150BattleshipWorld War II00170873
JapanAganoCruiserWorld War II4156452
JapanAkagiCarrierWorld War II0156454
JapanAkatsukiDestroyerWorld War II4156455
JapanAkitsu MaruWorld War II0156456
JapanAkizukiDestroyerWorld War II121942159954
JapanAkizuki (1942)DestroyerWorld War II0156457
JapanAmagiBattleshipWorld War II0156462
JapanAobaCruiserWorld War II21927156464
JapanAsahiBattleshipWorld War I11900171433
JapanAsashioDestroyerWorld War II101939159953
JapanB1 ClassSubmarineWorld War II0156471
JapanChikumaCruiserWorld War I31912158221
JapanChitoseWorld War II0156492
JapanFubukiDestroyerWorld War II241928158344
JapanFurutakaCruiserWorld War II21925156530
JapanFusōBattleshipWorld War I21915156531
JapanHatsuharuDestroyerWorld War II61933158345
JapanHiryūCarrierWorld War II11939158342
JapanHiyōCarrierWorld War II2156548
JapanHōshōCarrierWorld War II1156550
JapanIbukiCruiserWorld War I21909160903
JapanIdzumoCruiserWorld War II0156552
JapanIseBattleshipWorld War I21917156558
JapanKagaCarrierWorld War II11928156565
JapanKagerōDestroyerWorld War II191939156567
JapanKaichūSubmarineWorld War II0156564
JapanKamikazeDestroyerWorld War II91921156568
JapanKatoriBattleshipWorld War I21906171431
JapanKawachiBattleshipWorld War I21912171429
JapanKinai MaruWorld War II0156569
JapanKongōBattleshipWorld War I41913156572
JapanKumaCruiserWorld War II51920156576
JapanMatsuDestroyerWorld War II0156591
JapanMikasaBattleshipWorld War I11902171432
JapanMogamiCruiserWorld War II41935156594
JapanMutsukiDestroyerWorld War II121928159955
JapanMyōkōCruiserWorld War II41928156596
JapanNagaraCruiserWorld War II61920156597
JapanNagatoBattleshipWorld War II21920156598
JapanNo.1-class landing shipWorld War II0156660
JapanOyodoCruiserWorld War II1156607
JapanRyūjōCarrierWorld War II11931156628
JapanSatsumaBattleshipWorld War I21909171430
JapanSendaiCruiserWorld War II31924156635
JapanShimakazeDestroyerWorld War II0156639
JapanShinanoCarrierWorld War II0156640
JapanShiratsuyuDestroyerWorld War II101933156641
JapanShōkakuCarrierWorld War II21941156642
JapanSōryūCarrierWorld War II01937156645
JapanST ClassSubmarineWorld War II31945156651
JapanSTOSubmarineWorld War II31944156652
JapanTaihoCarrierWorld War II0156662
JapanTaiyōCarrierWorld War II3156663
JapanTakaoCruiserWorld War II41932156664
JapanTenryūCruiserWorld War II21919156668
JapanToneCruiserWorld War II21938156669
JapanTosaBattleshipWorld War II0156566
JapanTsukubaCruiserWorld War I21909160904
JapanType B-65 BattleshipBattleshipWorld War II0156675
JapanUnryūCarrierWorld War II31944156689
JapanYamatoBattleshipWorld War II21941156697
JapanYubariCruiserWorld War II0156699
JapanYūgumoDestroyerWorld War II191941160038
JapanZuihoCarrierWorld War II1156702
Total items in selection (/database): 65 (/378) - Showing: 1 - 65 - Pages:
Items 1 - 65