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Warship Classes

Warships Throughout Time

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Image Primary Country Name Type Period Number Completed First Commisioned ID
United StatesAllen M. SumnerDestroyerWorld War II581945156460
United StatesArleigh BurkeDestroyerCold War661991158789
United StatesBagleyDestroyerWorld War II8156472
United StatesBenhamDestroyerWorld War II101939156478
United StatesBensonDestroyerWorld War II301940156479
United StatesBuckleyDestroyerWorld War II1481943168846
United StatesCaldwellDestroyerWorld War I61917158340
United StatesCharles F. AdansDestroyerCold War291960158792
United StatesClemsonDestroyerWorld War II1561919156494
United StatesFarragut (1934)DestroyerWorld War II81934156525
United StatesFarragut (1958)DestroyerCold War101959158793
United StatesFletcherDestroyerWorld War II1751942156529
United StatesGearingDestroyerWorld War II980157686
United StatesGleavesDestroyerWorld War II661940157588
United StatesGridleyDestroyerWorld War II41937157550
United StatesJohn C. ButlerDestroyerWorld War II831944165378
United StatesJohn C. ButlerDestroyerWorld War II83156694
United StatesKiddDestroyerCold War41981158790
United StatesMahanDestroyerWorld War II181936157532
United StatesPorterDestroyerWorld War II81936156614
United StatesSampsonDestroyerWorld War I61916158341
United StatesSimsDestroyerWorld War II12156643
United StatesSomersDestroyerWorld War II50157555
United StatesSpruanceDestroyerCold War311975158791
United StatesTreasuryDestroyerWorld War II71936168189
United StatesWickesDestroyerWorld War I1111918156696
GermanyType 24DestroyerWorld War II81928172289
GermanyType 39DestroyerWorld War II15156518
GermanyZ Class German DestroyerDestroyerWorld War II0156700
FranceAigleDestroyerWorld War II61932156453
FranceBougainvilleDestroyerWorld War II81933167873
FranceBourrasqueDestroyerWorld War II120163078
FranceChacalDestroyerWorld War II6156491
FranceGuépardDestroyerWorld War II61929163080
Francel'AdroitDestroyerWorld War II141928156578
FranceLe FantasqueDestroyerWorld War II61933156581
FranceLe HardiDestroyerWorld War II81938163079
FranceMogadorDestroyerWorld War II21939159842
FranceSurcouf DestroyerCold War121955159845
FranceVauquelinDestroyerWorld War II61933166434
SpainChurrucaDestroyerWorld War II0156493
JapanAkatsukiDestroyerWorld War II4156455
JapanAkizukiDestroyerWorld War II121942159954
JapanAkizuki (1942)DestroyerWorld War II0156457
JapanAsashioDestroyerWorld War II101939159953
JapanFubukiDestroyerWorld War II241928158344
JapanHatsuharuDestroyerWorld War II61933158345
JapanKagerōDestroyerWorld War II191939156567
JapanKamikazeDestroyerWorld War II91921156568
JapanMatsuDestroyerWorld War II0156591
JapanMutsukiDestroyerWorld War II121928159955
JapanShimakazeDestroyerWorld War II0156639
JapanShiratsuyuDestroyerWorld War II101933156641
JapanYūgumoDestroyerWorld War II191941160038
The NetherlandsAdmiralenDestroyerWorld War II81928163135
The NetherlandsGerard CallenburghDestroyerWorld War II2156538
United KingdomA and B ClassDestroyerWorld War II0156449
United KingdomBattleDestroyerWorld War II0156475
United KingdomC and D ClassDestroyerWorld War II141932156485
United KingdomC ClassDestroyerWorld War II321944172212
United KingdomE and F ClassDestroyerWorld War II181934156515
United KingdomG-H-I ClassDestroyerWorld War II24156533
United KingdomHuntDestroyerWorld War II0156551
United KingdomJ-K-N ClassDestroyerWorld War II241939156561
United KingdomL and M ClassDestroyerWorld War II0156577
United KingdomO and P ClassDestroyerWorld War II160160149
United KingdomQ and R ClassDestroyerWorld War II160160150
United KingdomRiver (Frigate)DestroyerWorld War II0156626
United KingdomS and T ClassDestroyerWorld War II161942156629
United KingdomTribalDestroyerWorld War II0156671
United KingdomU and V ClassDestroyerWorld War II49156685
United KingdomV and W ClassDestroyerWorld War I671917159246
United KingdomW and Z ClassDestroyerWorld War II161943172211
AustraliaScottDestroyerWorld War II0156634
ItalyComandanti Medaglie d'OroDestroyerWorld War II0156498
ItalyDubrovnikDestroyerWorld War II0156512
ItalyGabbianoDestroyerWorld War II00165512
ItalyNavigatoriDestroyerWorld War II121929162531
ItalyOrianiDestroyerWorld War II01937164119
ItalySoldatiDestroyerWorld War II171939164117
ItalySpicaDestroyerWorld War II0156650
ItalyTurbineDestroyerWorld War II81927162532
PolandWicherDestroyerWorld War II0156695
RomaniaAquila (Romanian Destroyer)DestroyerWorld War II0156466
RomaniaRegele FerdinandDestroyerWorld War II21930166979
Soviet UnionDerzkyDestroyerWorld War I91913169209
Soviet UnionGnevnyiDestroyerWorld War II0156539
Soviet UnionLeningradDestroyerWorld War II0156585
Soviet UnionNovikDestroyerWorld War I11913169210
Soviet UnionOrfeyDestroyerWorld War I161914164392
Soviet UnionStorozhevoiDestroyerWorld War II0156653
Soviet UnionTashkentDestroyerWorld War II0156666
ThailandTachinDestroyerWorld War II0156661
ThailandTradDestroyerWorld War II0156670
ChinaType 052DDestroyerModern232014217585
ChinaType 055DestroyerModern62020217583
BrazilMarcílio DiasDestroyerWorld War II31943165129
Total items in selection (/database): 97 (/378) - Showing: 1 - 97 - Pages:
Items 1 - 97