TroveStar End User License Agreement

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Data Content Submission Rules

TroveStar LLC retains the right to perpetually use any uploaded content for any purpose deemed appropriate by the website. By submitting images, text or other content to the site, the user is implicitly granting TroveStar this right. TroveStar also acquires the right to create and distribute derivative work from that content. This agreement also applies retroactively to any content uploaded prior to the agreement date.

Unless you have express written consent of the copyright holder or content creator, you may not upload data you have downloaded from a different site on the Internet. If you do have permission, you must indicate that you have this permission within the caption or other field that is prominently displayed with the image. If you upload text with permission, make a link from the item or blog article back to the original source of the content if possible. If the original content is from a printed source and is not readily available online, please add a footnote or other similar reference to your submitted text.

If you wish to upload an image but retain exclusive rights to that image, a user may use the caption field below an image to indicate that the image is "licensed to TroveStar by the Copyright Holder" or similar language. This action limits TroveStar's use of that image to display purposes for that item and relevant blog articles only.

If you find content on the site that belongs to you but for which you did not grant upload permission, please use the DMCA Takedown Form.

By agreeing to this policy you are certifying that you have read and are comfortable with our General Legal Terms and our Classified Legal Terms.

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