Buying Items Through TroveStar

Requirements for Purchasing:

Anyone is welcome to buy any item for sale in TroveStar Classifieds. You should, however, register in order to buy items listed for sale in TroveStar. Here are the steps:

  1. You must be logged in. Log in here. Use Google and allow TroveStar to see your gmail address. (TroveStar will never send you spam email!) The TroveStar Login Page will confirm that you are logged in. The top menu bar should show your name. For example, 'User: Norman.'
  2. You must have an e-commerce email address on your profile. Ideally, this is an address associated with a PayPal account. If you do not fill in this field, you cannot buy or sell.

How to buy items:

You have logged in, you know what email to look in for invoices and you are ready to get purchasing. Go to listings and start shopping. Click on the description of the item.

You will be brought to a page describing the item. The descriptions you will find are:
  1. Item Specific Notes: Anything the seller wanted to to add that does not fall under the other data fields.
  2. Item #: This is the TroveStar ID which is connected to the item in the database.
  3. Collection: The TroveStar collection the item belongs to.
  4. Price: See our pricing guide to best understand pricing.
  5. Expires: The date that the listing expires.
  6. Quantity Available: How many are for sale?
  7. Grading: A more specific assessment of the item. See our grading guide for help understanding grading.
  8. Condition: A general assessment of the item. Is it new, used, or refurbished?
  9. MPN: Manufacturer's Product Number
  10. GTIN/UPC: UPC code
  11. Currency: Select a currency.
  12. Coupler Status*: What couplers come with it? Factory, what came in the original packaging, MTL Couplers if the couplers were replaced without changing the trucks or MTL Trucks if the entire trucks were replaced.

*N-scale train specific.

If you like what you see, hit 'Add to Cart' and it will go into your cart.

Looking at your cart, you can change how many you would like to buy or remove items you decide you do not want.

When you commit to buy your item(s), you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing the seller(s) and what was bought, and notifying you that you should receive an invoice within 48 hours.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us at We are happy to clarify anything via e-mail.