Database Permits

TroveStar tracks all edits to the system by user id. You are assigned a user id when you first log in to TroveStar via Google. You can see your user id on your profile page. This id number cannot be changed, but your user name can be changed.

When your user id is first created, you do not have access to any of the checklists. You must go to your profile page to request access to whichever database(s) you wish to edit. You make a data access request by clicking on either the 'Request User Access' or the 'Request Admin Access' buttons on the profile page directly below the name of the database you wish access to. if you request both, only one of the requests will be sent to the site administrator (whichever requests was most recent).

Once the request has been made, please allow the site admin up to 24 hours to respond to your request. Typically, User-Level requests are granted automatically. Admin-Level requests may require you to interact with a site admin before they are approved.

User-Level access to a specific database allows the user to add, edit or delete items.

Curator-Level access to a specific database allows the user to perform all the same actions a user can perform as well as certain additonal actions. Admins may approve new usrs. They may also roll back user edits. Admins may also add, edit and delete Collection Fields to the checklist itself. This last function is complex and is the subject of a page to itself