Adding New Items to TroveStar

Make sure you are logged in

Visit our log-in page here. Use Google and allow TroveStar to see your gmail address. (TroveStar will never send you spam email!)
The TroveStar Login Page will confirm that you are logged in. The top menu bar should show your name. For example, 'User: Jenna.'

Once you are logged in, you can Request User Access to your favorite database.

  1. Under the User menu, go to Profile so you can see your Profile.
  2. On the left-hand-side navigation pane, click the Permissions link.
  3. Find the your favoritwe collection and select it. The click the button labeled Request User Permit. This will bring up a page telling you that your request has been sent to TroveStar admins. It also lists the e-mail that TroveStar will use to notify you once permission is granted. Permission will be granted in a timely manner between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

How to add items to the database

When you have been granted permission, visit your favorite collection, any page will do. From here, you can add items in two different ways: Add Item OR Copy Item.

(Preferred Method) How to Copy an Item:

Copying is by far the easiest way to add trains to the database since this option pre-fills many of the required fields. You will find the "Copy Item" option in the menu under the heading "Item"..

  • First, search TroveStar for an item that is very similar to the one(s) you want to add.
  • Go to that item / page and under the Item dropdown menu, choose Copy Item.
  • This will bring up the New Item Editor page with many of the fields already populated, actually with all values from the item that you have copied. You will have to change or delete contents for all fields where the value differ for the new item.

Creating an Item from Scratch

This is a more difficult way to add items because you must populate several fields by hand. You will find the "New Item" button in the menu under the heading "Item".

  • Visit any page within your favorite collection
  • Under the 'Item' menu, you can select 'New Item.'
  • This will bring up the 'N SItem Creator' page with none of the fields already populated.
  • Fill in all fields to the best of your knowledge
  • If any enumerated fields (dropdown values) are mssing, please email a curator or admin.
  • When you are finished entering data for all the required fields, select the Create button at the bottom of the page.

Viewing and Editing

How to view your item
After editing an item, you will be shown what changes have been made and you will have access to the sidebar. 'View Item' will take you to the item.

After creating an item, and clicking 'Create Item' or pressing 'Enter' on the keyboard, you will be brought to the Item Creation confirmation page. From this page you can see three links in the main section.
  • Click Here to see the newly created item: This allows you to see the new page / train entry you just created and makes it easier to spot any errors or missing data.
  • Edit the Item: this brings up the Item Editor page and will allow you to make any edits in case you made a mistake or left something out. Once you have made your edit(s), click 'Update.' You can then view the item by clicking on 'Item:0000.' This appears under the image of the train, below your TroveStar USER ID:JaneDoe.
  • Copy the Item: Do this when adding many similar items.

If you have just created an item from scratch, both the 'Click Here to see the newly created item' link, in the main section and ‘View’ button, in the side menu, will bring you to the same page: the page for the item as it now is after creation.

However, If you have just copied an item, the 'Click Here to see the newly created item' link will bring you to the new item, whereas the 'View Item' button in the sidebar will bring you to the original item, the “parent” of your newly created copy.

To see how many items you have added to the database, visit your User Info Page.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us at We are happy to clarify anything either via e-mail or a phone call.