How to Edit Something in TroveStar

TroveStar uses a common interface for editing all items regardless of collection. To edit any of the fields for a given item, first you must be viewing the item in your browser. In the main menu, at the top of your web page, you will see a menu item entitled Edit Item. If you click this link, you will invoke the item editor. The Item Editor will either show all the fields for the item or it will give you the message 'No permission rights for this user on this collection'.

If you see 'No permission rights for this user on this collection ', this means you need to request access to this checklist on the profile page. See permissions for more details on how to do this.

Assuming you have permission to edit the item, the fields for that item will be listed vertically below a generic image for that collection. Each field will have its own row. You will see the name of the field followed by the current value of the field followed by a button that says either 'Create' or 'Update'

If you see the 'Create' button next to a field, this means the field has no current value at all. By entering a value into the text area and clicking 'create' you are setting this field to the value in the text area.

If you see the 'Update' button next to a field, this means the field has a value and that value is in the text area. If the text area is blank that means that the value is set to an empty string. You can change the value in the text area, and then click 'Update' to replace the value in the database with your new value.

After you push the 'Update' button (or <enter> on any of the fields), you will be sent to a confirmation page detailing what values you just changed. If you made no changes, but hit the 'Update' button by mistake, you will see the following error message: 'Unfortunately the new value is identical to the old value, so this update will be ignored.' This is TroveStar's way of telling you that you made an innocuous error. Simply use the BACK button on your browser to return to the item editor. If the new value is different than the old value then you will instead see 'Inserting request into admin queue.' This means that the data edit is in queue and an admin for that database must verify the edit before it goes 'live'. With the current version of TroveStar, all edits go directly live without requiring admin approval.