Advanced Inventory Features

The table below is showing you which features you are missing when just being a regular 'Basic' user of our database when it comes to managing your private collections (inventories).

Becoming a Premium user will bring you additional 'advanced' features as listed below.
... and you will be helping us maintaining this fabulous and unprecedented database (see here).

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Feature Basic Premium Description
One-click add to collection from database X X

Create a classified listing from your collection X X

Print your collection X X

Export your collection in CSV format X X

Search in your collection X X

Sortable columns X X

Acquisition, Cost and Value information X X

Set date, cost and value to database defaults X X (*) (*) Premium users can do it in batch mode for their whole collection
User notes X X

Item Condition X X

Item Location X X

Custom image X X Replace the database image of the item by yours
Choose your currency X X

Private or Public collection X X

Want collection X X Other users can see what items you want (and contact you)
Want collection alerts X Received an email when an item that you want is for sale in TroveStar classifieds
Additional custom fields X Six (6) fields for which you can set the label to your needs
Customizable columns X Select which information you want to see in your collection list
Replace database field contents X For certain fields, replace the database value by yours. e.g. replace ‘Undecorated’ by road name for a custom paint item.
Collection filters X Filter your collection using the same dropdowns as in the database
Customizable columns filters X Select which information you want to use as filters
Individual listing for the same item X In case you own several copies of the same item, list them on separate lines (Basic users can only set the quantity on one line).
See all your collections in one single list

X For a given database, see all your individual collections in a single list, on which you can apply filters.
Print and Export filtered lists X

Upload your collection from your local inventory X (MS Excel® required)
Set DCC address to road number X In batch mode for the whole collection
Number of collections 3 unlimited Per database
Number of items in collections 100 unlimited Total for all collections of a database
Fee Free $2.00/month

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You can make it a monthly donation or donate once; in the latter case, we will calculate the duration of your subscription based on your donation.

But we are sorry, the fee cannot be paid with your TroveStar reward program points.
We need to keep the lights on, as explained in this article.

In gray: not implemented yet